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About Me

"Your happiness is my main goal. To provide each client with something they will be proud to have for the rest of their lives".

Welcome and thank you for your interest.


I am a custom tattoo artist currently based in Magnolia, Texas. 

My focus is primarily on realism, but I enjoy tattooing in many different styles. I enjoy customizing tattoos from the very small to the full body part specific. I specialize in realism, coverups, and restorations in both, black and grey, and full color work.


I truly believe that getting a tattoo is a holistic process. It’s very personal and unique. It should be an experience that is professional, and custom tailored to you. It should involve your vision, expression and personality. It should be of the utmost quality, and a piece you will be proud of forever.


I also believe that the environment in which you obtain your tattoo should be a place that is comfortable, inviting, and enhances your experience. This is EXACTLY what you can expect from me. I guarantee your tattoo and your experience will both be of the highest quality.


Follow my work below!

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