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About Me

"Your happiness is my main goal. To provide each client with something they will be proud to have for the rest of their lives".

Welcome, and thank you for your interest.


My name is April Tanner, and I have been in love with all forms of art as far back as I can remember. At about the young age of 9yrs old, it was discovered I had a natural ability, or as some would say, a “God-given” talent for art...

Literally, I have been practicing ever since. 


I am a custom tattoo artist currently based in the beautiful city of Magnolia, Texas. I have been a tattoo artist professionally for the last 17 years. I run a private, full custom tattoo studio, by appointment only, where I am the sole owner and artist. Over the years, I have experienced working AND getting tattooed in a variety of environments, each having their own pros and cons. After having heard and witnessed some cringe worthy behaviors in shops and conventions, I am convinced that nothing beats the service and experience that can only be provided in a private setting. And that's how I run my studio. Since my studio is private and not open to the public, (walk-ins), this ensures that my clientele won't have to compete with anyone or anything for my time. I enjoy attending to the individual needs of my clientele, and providing them with a unique and fully custom experience. Here, they feel safe, comfortable and last but not least, become accustomed to the special treatment and personalized attention, that is secondary to none. As it should be, right? Yes!

Artistically, my focus is primarily on realism, but I enjoy tattooing in many different styles, as I am fluent in them all. I enjoy customizing tattoos from the very small to the full body part specific. I specialize in realism, coverups, and restorations in both, black and grey, and full color work.


I truly believe that getting a tattoo is a holistic process. It’s very personal and unique. It should be an experience that is safe, professional, and custom tailored to you. It should involve your vision, expression and personality. It should be of the utmost quality, and a piece of art that you will be proud of forever. I also believe that the environment in which you obtain your tattoo should be a place that is safe, clean, comfortable, inviting, and enhances your experience. This is EXACTLY what you can expect from me. I guarantee your tattoo and your experience will both be of the highest quality. 

So, If you're looking for a consult or just have some questions about tattoos, simply send me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. All consultations are free and typically only take about 30 minutes.

You can also find more of my recent work on my Instagram profile: Tanner Tattoos

I look forward to hearing from you! 



Thank you again for your interest!

April Tanner

IG: Tanner Tattoos

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